First Fruits – Giving To Hope Extreme

Hope Extreme – Bringing Radical Change

I have seen first hand, on site at the Houma, LA ministry location, the impact that this small urban ministry is making in the lives of youth living in East Houma.


As part of the One Dollar One Year Challenge, I wanted to make a contribution to Hope Extreme that could make a difference in a kid’s life in Louisiana. This is something I am committed to year in and year out, and I wanted to spotlight this small donation of $100 in order to inspire others to GIVE to life changing organizations like Hope Extreme.


The Volunteer Staff at Hope Extreme is committed to truly making the lives of Houma Youth better. Their approach involves educational programs after school and throughout the Summer, worship services & Bible studies, youth mentorship, driver’s ed, sports, and all kinds of productive community activities. The programs assisting the young people that walk in their doors both empower them, and make them feel like part of ‘the family’.


So many of the young people at Hope Extreme have smiles on their faces, because they are getting the much needed attention & love they deserve, and likely wouldn’t otherwise get if this ministry wasn’t there for them.

Click The Pic To Visit Their Website & Learn More!

First Fruits – Kakabalika Child Foundation

When I first heard about Kakabalika Child Foundation, in Zambia, and the work that they are doing to take care of some of the boys who had previously been living in the streets, I knew that someday I would be able to contribute toward their work.

While I have not been to Lusaka, Zambia, I have heard first hand reports from many of my friends who have been there about the millions of street children. The children who live in the streets of Lusaka are there because the HIV/AIDS epidemic has killed an entire generation of parents.


The Kakabalika Child Foundation takes a small number of children into their compound where they are housed, fed, schooled, cared for, loved, and trained in agriculture and other trades.

As part of the One Dollar One Year Challenge, I donated $40 from profits earned to the Kakabalika Child Foundation.


Garret Potter – Poetry – Hide And Seek: A Poet’s Memoir


Have you ever heard of Garret Potter? He’s an excellent spoken-word poet, and he’s on tour NOW!

Lately, Garret Potter has won slam competitions in Portland, Little Rock, and Springfield, placing second in Austin and Eugene, and doing feature performances at slams in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Jackson, and Ogden.

He has performed in eight Universities and colleges, five public schools, near seventy Portland venues, TomFest, Cornerstone, and at tour stops across the United States. Some of those stops include events with Derek Jensen (author of Endgame), Anis Mojgani, Listener, Mike McGee, Josh Garrels, Kye Kye, Ken Arkind, Amy Everhart, James O Barr (the creator of The Crow), Flatfoot 56, Kelli Schaefer, Jesse Parent, Peter Nevland, Annie Bethancourt, Destroy Nate Allen, Levi the Poet, Children 18:3, Seth Martin and the Menders, Tatyana Brown, Sharon Little, John Survivor Blake, and many more.

Some of his recent performance venues include:


Pretty cool right!?! Now there’s a man who wants to share something with the world!

Garret Potter is an interesting young man with much to say. With so many words written & spoken, he has recently released an awesome collection of poetic genius in his debut book HIDE AND SEEK: A Poet’s Memoir.


To share the publication with the world, Garret Potter decided to begin by touring the USA. The first print of his book was 300 copies, which quickly sold out. Along the way, Garret stopped in New Orleans to attend the 2nd wedding of his tour–my wedding. Oh yeah, did I mention Garret is my younger brother?

After the wedding, Garret took off again to continue his somewhat impromptu touring, performing all over the Eastern & Central part of the country. From October 4 – 9, 2012, Garret made another stop in Fayetteville, AR to compete in the Individual World Poetry Slam, which is an invite only international poetry competition. Garret didn’t win the contest, but fared well placing in the TOP 25 or 30 in a group of 60+ world-class poets that participated.

People describe Garret’s poetry as:


Watch & listen for yourself!

Want to connect with Garret? He’s on Facebook. Like or love Garret Potter here!

First Fruits – Giving To Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders


This video ‘About Doctors Without Borders’ will give you a clear picture of the work these brave medical professionals & staff are doing all around the world.

As part of the One Dollar One Year Challenge, I wanted to make a contribution to Doctors Without Borders that could make a difference in someone’s life. This is something I am committed to year in and year out, and I wanted to spotlight this small donation of $100 in order to inspire others to GIVE to life changing organizations like Doctors Without Borders.

Doctors Without Borders is a Noble Peace Prize winner, dedicated to humanitarian work world wide.


From Afghanistan, to Eastern Congo, to Somalia, to Sudan, to Thailand, to Cambodia, Myanmar, and other nations in need, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is overcoming insurmountable odds to bring medical treatment & care to those in greatest need.

Here is one of the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Hospitals in Afghanistan

Click The Pic To Visit Their Website & Learn More!

First Fruits – House of Prayer New Orleans

House of Prayer Church is a powerful force of change in the city of New Orleans, LA. The people worship the LORD God in Spirit and in Truth, and are always growing closer to the LORD God in prayer. The place is dedicated to the Presence of God, and is a Biblical servant leadership training center for the whole family.

Apostle Jon Smith (the Sr.Pastor) and his wife Elizabeth Garcia-Smith (Co-Pastor) have been serving the people at House of Prayer New Orleans for over ten years, along with other volunteers and missionaries. I’ve known them for more than ten years, and have served with them in ministry. They have been a blessing to my wife & I, so it was important to me to make sure that a large portion of the profits from the One Dollar One Year Challenge would be donated to the local church, so that the leaders there can continue to serve in our city.


$1,000+ was donated to House of Prayer Church in New Orleans in 2012 as part of the One Dollar One Year Challenge.

You can learn more about House of Prayer Church in New Orleans by visiting their website.

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Gigi’s Cupcakes – Best of New Orleans (Harvey, LA)


Gigi’s Cupcakes in Harvey, LA may be the best cupcakes in New Orleans. I can tell you for sure, I haven’t had any better, and I’m a cupcakes consumption specialist. :)

Gigi’s Cupcakes has a great selection of sweets that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.


Gigi’s Cupcakes is a growing franchise, that started as a result of one woman’s entrepreneurial endeavor to share her cupcake secrets with the world. Gigi started her cupcake business in Nashville, TN, on February 21, 2008, and has since expanded to locations in 23 states. Wow! That says something about her cupcakes.

And, the story behind how Gigi’s Cupcakes got started is amazing. Gigi is a woman of faith. So, it shouldn’t surprise too many people to find out that New Orleans very own Gigi’s Cupcakes owner Christine is also a woman of faith.

I met Christine at Gigi’s back in August 2012, just before I got married. A friend of mine gave me a certificate won at a faith-based non-profit fundraiser for 12 FREE Gigi’s Cupcakes as an early wedding gift, so I found myself at the Harvey, LA location checking out their variety of delicious cupcakes.


I decided that for the wedding I should order at least 4 dozen mini cupcakes, and to please my wife and stick with the white wedding color code, I ordered 2 dozen Italian Creme and 2 dozen Wedding Cake cupcakes to be an addition to our large wedding cake. They looked beautiful. However, due to the craziness of the hustle n’ bustle of getting married, sadly, I didn’t get an opportunity to eat any of them. Our wedding guests loved Gigi’s Cupcakes, but my wife and I were too caught up in the experience to get to try all the food we had brought in for our special day.

Nonetheless, a couple months after our wedding, I still had my unused 12 FREE Gigi’s Cupcakes certificate that my friend gave me, so at my wife’s request I went back over to the Harvey, LA location to redeem our Gigi’s Cupcakes. While I was there, I met with Christine, and told her about our One Dollar One Year Challenge.

Gigi’s Cupcakes (Harvey, LA) Fall & Winter Menu Rotation Is As Follows:

I HIGHLY recommend you go visit Gigi’s Cupcakes in Harvey, LA, especially if you live in the New Orleans area. Right now, the Harvey store is the only Louisiana location, so even if you have to drive from Baton Rouge or anywhere else… those amazing cupcakes are worth the trip. Plus, at Gigi’s Cupcakes you’ll always be treated by someone friendly with a smile.


Did you know you can order Gigi’s Cupcakes Online? Gigi’s is spreading the word about their delicious cupcakes online through social media too.

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First Fruits – Giving To Cross It Up, Inc.

Another opportunity to give is here, and I’m sharing it with you, so that hopefully you too may be inspired to participate in the non-profit work of those who are really making a difference in the lives of others.

This $100 donation goes to… Cross It Up, Inc. CIULogo


Read below to find out more about Jonathan Burton, the founder of the organization, and how he began doing some really cool things here in New Orleans! Primarily an educational ministry geared towards athletes & youth competing in sports, like Basketball, Cross It Up is changing the mind set of young men & women to help them focus on Christ.


Click To Visit & Learn More!

Corey Hicks’ Longevity Music – New Orleans Gospel Music Record Label Making A Difference


Corey Hicks’ Longevity Music is a gospel music record label that is truly making a difference in people’s lives. The cool thing about Longevity Music is that the artists are producing more than just music. They are producing disciples of Jesus, and change in their communities.



Longevity Music was the brainchild of Pastor Corey Hicks years before he became Senior Pastor of The Vine NOLA, but the two ministries go hand in hand. I say ‘ministries’, because that is what Longevity Music is. It’s a music ministry that serves youth the Truth through cutting edge rap music.

Longevity Music CEO, Corey Hicks has a powerful testimony of God’s amazing grace in his life. And it’s by God’s grace that he leads the young artists on the label.

Watch & listen to some of Longevity Music’s new music videos!

Longevity Music hasn’t been known for breakin sales records or topping charts, but they have been known for bringing light to the lost, breakin people free from bondage, and helping them overcome the evils in this world through the power of the Holy Spirit. They minister in the streets, at outreach events, concerts, & in churches and other venues where people want to hear quality music from quality people.

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First Fruits – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a very well-known organization in the USA, that provides the best care kids can get. St. Jude is committed to finding cures for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases through research and treatment without ever charging the child’s family anything. It’s FREE for the kids, and that’s amazing.

Why is it FREE? Because, people like you and me make financial contributions to the Hospital that help cover the cost of the care they provide.

That’s why I donated $40 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital from the profit earned through my One Dollar One Year Challenge.

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Approaching Business Owners – Direct Sales

One of the things I do on a regular basis that many people do not want to do is approaching business owners to present them with an opportunity to purchase products and services from me. Approaching business owners can be nerve wracking for people for several reasons.

Here’s 12 Reasons People Avoid Direct Sales With Business Owners

  • People lack confidence in their own communications skills
  • People lack confidence in their appearance
  • People lack confidence in their business brand
  • People lack confidence in their product(s) and/or service(s)
  • People are afraid of strangers (or people they don’t know)
  • People are afraid of strange places (or places they don’t know)
  • People are afraid of rejection
  • People are afraid of failure
  • People are anxious and/or defeated before they approach others, because they are anticipating failure
  • People suffer from having an inferiority complex
  • People suffer from magnifying the sale(s) opportunity, making it bigger & more meaningful than it really is
  • People suffer from not knowning or ignoring the numbers & statistics related to their direct sales opportunity(ies)

So… here’s part of the ‘secret’ to my success. The twelve reasons listed above describe briefly why some people avoid approaching business owners & why I choose to approach business owners. I am the opposite of the people I described above. And that’s by choice.

I have a sufficient level of confidence in my communications skills, appearance, business brand, products & services. That level of confidence comes from experience. At some point, we are all beginners when it comes to sales. That’s the point though… everyone in sales BEGAN at some point to take action & communicate with other people. Over time, most people learn from mistakes, and develop improved methods of doing things. For me, having a solid level of confidence & ability to communicate value to others is a prerequisite for me to sell anything. For example, if I wouldn’t buy my product, or if I couldn’t teach you about my product, then I usually won’t try to sell it.

I’m not afraid of approaching strangers in places that I’ve never been before to initiate conversation. Again, I’d say that this boldness come both from God (the Holy Spirit) and experience. I always pray before I enter an unknown place to talk to previously unknown people, and I let the LORD lead me. If I do get a bad feeling about something, then I don’t go, but otherwise experiencing new places & meeting new people can be fun. Some of the best business connections are the ones you don’t expect.

I’m not afraid of rejection or failure, because I expect both will occur sometimes. That’s a part of life that successful people cannot & usually do not avoid. If you live your life trying to avoid either rejection or failure, you will exhaust yourself with trying to please everybody & frustrate yourself with fear by not taking the measured risks needed to live the life you envision or dream of. Expect to be rejected sometimes & accepted sometimes. Expect to fail sometimes & to succeed sometimes. Expect to learn, grow, & move forward no matter what happens, and you’ll enjoy your life much more. If 1 or 2 people out of 10 prospects purchases my products of services, I’m happy. Why? Because I don’t care about the 8 or 9 people’s decision not to buy from me. I only care about the decisions people made to become my customer. My customers & clients get my focused attention. The people who didn’t want or need what I was selling are fine with me too. I don’t take it to heart. My aim is not to be perfect and convince everybody to like me. My aim is to acquire customers and clients so that I can earn more income. Expecting everybody to buy from you is like expecting to hit a home run every time you swing a bat on the baseball diamond, or make a touch down on every punt return on the football field, or swish every jump shot every game on the basketball court, or knock every pin down & bowl a 300 every time you roll a bowling ball down the lane, etc. I think you get it. Just like in sports, you should improve with practice over time, but nobody on earth is perfect. Certainly not in sales.

I do not approach anyone anticipating failure, because I believe & know from experience that I can & will succeed if I take action. That doesn’t mean I’ll succeed every time, and I don’t expect that every prospect will become my customer or client. I do however expect that some prospects will become customers or clients. The only thing I anticipate is that I will communicate with someone when I enter a business. I don’t know ahead of time whether or not a sales opportunity will present itself. I just know that if it does, I will take action. I cannot control what happens, so I don’t think too much about what may or may not happen when I approach a business owner. The only thing I can control is how I communicate, so that is what I think about–communicating effectively.

Also, I don’t have to suffer from any form of inferiority complex, because I do not believe anyone in this world is more valuable, more important, above, or better than me. Neither do I suffer from a superiority complex. I believe all men & women were created equal. Period. Some people think themselves above or beneath others. I think that’s foolishness. Thinking good things leads to good results more often than thinking bad things does. So what I call ‘stinkin thinkin’ has no part in my business ventures.

For many people ‘getting the sale’ is a daunting endeavor. In their minds, many people make the sale too big, too meaningful for them. As a result, they often try too hard to sell, rather than just serving the customer. I try to keep in mind that some people want what I’m selling, some people don’t want what I’m selling, and other people don’t care one way or another. Plus, the true objective of a sale should always be to provide somebody with something that they want and/or need. When you can demonstrate to a prospect that what you have is exactly what they want or need, the prospect will gladly pay you for your product or service. That’s called a sale. If you’re trying too hard, you’re likely either not communicating the value of your offer to the prospect effectively or you’re not concerned at all about the wants and/or needs of your prospect. The latter means you’re either desperate or greedy, and usually those characteristics work against you in sales. A sale is an exchange of value, and every sale can be celebrated. However, not making a sale does NOT make you a failure. If you’re whole business venture depends on you ‘closing the deal’ the first time you approach a prospective customer, then your endeavor is a gamble; not a real business.

That leads me to the last bit of insight. Numbers. Having an accurate & realistic expectation of your direct sales efforts is often a result of knowing some very important numbers. I think numbers tell a much more detailed story in business than words do sometimes. What numbers? Well, how many units of what you are selling have sold to date (both in your area & in other areas)? Is that number increasing month to month or decreasing? How many businesses in your area already purchased what you are offering? How many businesses in your area desperately need or want what you are selling, but have yet to purchase? How much (price) does your product or service sell for? How much does your product or service cost you? How many businesses locally have the money readily available to purchase your products or services? How many businesses out of 10 or 50 or 100 or 1000 are ready to purchase your products or services right now? How many are interested right now, not ready to buy yet, but might purchase later? These kind of questions demand real numbers, and those numbers tell ‘the story’ about your target market. Finding your target market is extremely important for increasing sales conversions, turning prospects into customers. And, until you find your target market, you shouldn’t expect a high percentage of your prospects to immediately become customers no matter how high quality your sales item is or how excited you may be to sell it to them. The numbers are key. And often, salespeople are not able to determine those numbers until after they’ve approached many business owners (prospects) already.

Take action, and see what happens! You might have great success beyond your wildest dreams. Don’t take action, and see what happens! You might regret your missed opportunities and always wonder if, “you would’ve, could’ve, should’ve..,” as the saying goes.

I think approaching business owners is smart, because I’ve seen it work for others & it’s working for me.

One Dollar One Year Challenge Year End Super Sales Close Out

This month, OCTOBER 2012 ONLY, you have an amazing opportunity to participate in my One Dollar One Year Challenge if you haven’t already. This is gonna be BIG. LISTEN to the brief audio recording below to get the details!

Click Play!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

If you don’t have audio or sound on your mobile device or computer you can call 1-213-226-0006 access code 88744688 anytime of day or night.


Hurry! Act now! This offer is only good for this month!

First Fruits – Giving To World Challenge

One of the organizations I’ve had the privilege of visiting with is a faith based organization in Israel that does some amazing work.

  • They take in, house, feed, & care for African refugees who have fled to Israel from war-torn countries such as Sudan.
  • They take in, house, feed, & treat Jewish & Arab men who were struggling with drug addictions & substance abuse problems. They take care of the spiritual, mental, emotional, & physical needs of these men until they are ready to re-enter society in a productive & life-giving way.
  • They welcome people from all over the world to visit their facilities for classes while on Study Tours in Israel
  • They facilitate worship & train believers in Yeshua HaMeshiach (Jesus the Messiah)
  • And much more…

That organization is doing a tremendous work in uniting Jews & Gentiles, Jews & Arabs, and divided members of broken families back together. They are supported through a larger International Ministry started by David Wilkerson, called World Challenge.

Through profits earned by my One Dollar One Year Challenge business ventures. I was able to donate $350 to World Challenge for use in Israel.


Click To Visit Their Website & Learn More!

I Got Married

When I began the One Dollar One Year Challenge I was single. In August 2012, I got married.


I mention my marriage, because just as marriage changes people’s real world financial situations, so too marriage changes the terms of the One Dollar One Year Challenge. Getting married is awesome, but as many of you know it’s also one of the few times in your life when you are expected to spend lots of money to make it happen.

In my case, I am very fortunate to have a wife who is a prudent shopper and wise spender. She didn’t ask for the most expensive rings, or dress, or wedding, or honey moon ever. And, even if I wanted to buy her the most expensive things, I wasn’t in a place money wise where I could have given her everything. I am very blessed to have a woman that understands and agrees with my money plans.


When we got engaged, I didn’t know how in the world I was going to be able to pay for everything. I was overwhelmed by the costs associated with getting married. My wife encouraged me to trust God. By the time we got married we had everything we needed, and our wedding was absolutely amazing. Thanks to God, and to our friends & family that helped us, my wife & I were able to have an awesome wedding experience.

As I mentioned above though, getting married changes things. So… this is how the One Dollar One Year Challenge has changed:

  • I went from earning income for my individual budget to earning income for our family budget.
  • Money had to be spent on engagement & wedding rings, traveling to visit family, auto fixes & maintenance, legal paperwork, all kinds of ‘stuff’ for the wedding, catered food for the wedding, cakes & cupcakes, and many other things. When 2012 began I did NOT know I was going to be getting married, so most of these items were ‘unexpected expenses’ for me.
  • With the changes in my financial responsibilities & obligations I decided to reduce the charitable giving from 20% down to 10% of profits earned from the One Dollar One Year Challenge. Again, this is money earned exclusively from the ODOYC that is given & announced here on the blog, not to ‘blow-my-own-horn’, but simply to promote generosity, giving, & sharing of increase through philanthropy. Much of my giving is not announced, because it is done in secret as it should be.
  • Immediately after our wedding, we experienced Hurricane Isaac, here in New Orleans. Like most people who were here, we took some losses from the storm. It was a bit of a set-back, so some adjustments had to be made.

With all that said, we couldn’t be happier, and the One Dollar One Year Challenge continues. Stay tuned!


Clean Rite Technologies – Pressure Washers, Construction Equipment & Gulf Coast Environmental Services

CRT Home

Clean Rite Technologies started as a pressure washing company in 1997. Raymond Boudreaux started off cleaning and repairing heavy equipment in the oil exploration, refinery, & processing plants, as well as for offshore companies, and locally in Southern Louisiana doing commercial cleaning jobs for banks, gas stations, construction sites, & malls.

I know, because from 2001 – 2003, I worked for Clean Rite Technologies as a commercial pressure washer, pressure washing bank drive-thrus, gas stations, shopping malls & plazas, huge construction cranes, pro baseball stadiums, clinics, restaurants, office buildings, and parking lots.

CRT CleanBlog

Over 15 year later, Clean Rite Technologies has expanded it’s work serving the high pressure cleaning & construction equipment industries in other ways. Clean Rite Technologies & EQUIP-WORX are the most reliable names in the New Orleans area when it comes to established businesses that SELL, SERVICE, RENT, & REPAIR the kinds of equipment you see below.

CRT Products

Pressure Washers are an important piece of machine equipment in any industry involving concrete, cement, mortar, asphalt, tar, pitch, oil, grease, mud, sludge, dust, or dirt

Cold water pressure washers are a very popular choice for basic cleaning jobs.
Hot water pressure washers are more popular for serious hard-to-clean jobs.

Clean Rite Technologies specializes in selling the highest quality commercial pressure washers at affordable prices. Clean Rite is the exclusive Mi-T-M Dealer and service center for Southern Louisiana & Mississippi. Clean Rite Technologies strives to sell the very best, provide the highest quality service, and ensure that no matter what kind of pressure washer their customer needs repaired, that they can rely on Clean Rite Technologies to get the job done. They repair all pressure washer brands, styles, & sizes.

And, whether you own a pressure washer machine being repaired or you just need to use one to get a job done, Clean Rite Technologies provides affordable pressure washer rentals. Their pressure washer rental rates include competitive daily, weekly, & monthly prices.

Clean Rite Technologies is the best and sometimes the only solid solution for construction & cleaning companies in the New Orleans Metro and Gulf Coast area. With all the rebuilding & construction jobs going on in New Orleans, some of the biggest builders trust Clean Rite to repair their broken equipment. Pressure washer repair cannot be trusted to just anybody.

Because Gulf Coast Environmental businesses & municipalities need someone reliable to get their pressure washers, parts, water treatment systems, & chemicals delivered & installed, Clean Rite Technologies’ field techs are often on location at other businesses making sure their equipment is fully operational. That includes car wash & truck wash systems as well as large environmental equipment wash systems and oil water separators.

Construction Equipment is sold, serviced, & repaired through Clean Rite Technologies’ subsidiary EQUIP-WORX brand. From Centrifugal Trash Pumps, Concrete Rollers, Concrete Rammers, Light Towers, Portable Generators, Concrete Mixers, Trowels, Submersible Pumps, Concrete & Asphalt Saws, to Vibrator Plates & Diaphragm Pumps. They sell, service, & repair it all!

Call & Stop By Today!

CRT Contact

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First Fruits – Direct Relief International

Direct Relief International is providing immediate and direct disaster aid & relief to areas affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, drought, etc. They are rated by FORBES and other publications & financial accountability organizations as one of the most efficient charities in the US.

Because I live in New Orleans, and nobody is forgetting Hurricane Katrina anytime soon, as we still see it’s effects on our city daily, I have compassion for people affected by disasters. It’s easy to forget about terrible things when they don’t happen to you or the people you love, but we should all be mindful of emergency response efforts that save lives and improve conditions after disaster strikes.

That’s why, I chose to contribute $20 from the profits earned during my One Dollar One Year Challenge to Direct Relief International.

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First Fruits – Giving To Children’s Hospital

And another donation of…

$93 (ninety-three dollars) to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans toward a children’s healthcare program.

Now, $93 donations to an organization like this may not seem like very much, but consider the fact that this $93 donation came from the $1 bill that I started with. Think about that! I started with a buck. One dollar.

And within a short period of time I’ve now been able to turn that dollar into support for men struggling through substance recovery and restoration here in New Orleans, food for hungry orphans in the devastated nation of Haiti, much needed support for Urban Reach’s work here in the inner city, and funding for medical resources that will touch the lives of sick children and their families at Children’s Hospital here in New Orleans.

So far, my $1 has turned into $196 that I’ve been able to give away, and I’m just getting started. That’s awesome!

Build A Team – Using The Leverage Of Other People’s Time, Energy, & Money

I Need To Build A Team

The fastest way to generate more income is to build a team.

T – Together
E – Everyone
A – Achieves
M – More

One of the cool things about Untold Trade Secrets is that affiliates can earn passive income, because we use a 1-UP Compensation Plan, a.k.a. “The Australian 1-Up,” which require each new subscriber to pass their 1st sale up to their sponsor in order to become a QUALIFIED AFFILIATE.

This automatically enables me to earn passive income using the leverage of other people’s time, other people’s energy, and other people’s money. I’ve already earned several $245 sales as an Untold Trade Secrets affiliate on direct sales, but I’m easily going to double that each time my new UTS subscribers earn their 1st qualifying sale. That’s just one of the things that makes Untold Trade Secrets such an awesome income opportunity.

Check out the special offer for members of my new MASTERS TEAM!

Don’t think this is just about me earning income though! I’m going to be training each of my MASTERS TEAM members & partnering with them on several business ventures in the near future. I’m teaching them how to establish multiple streams of income to create wealth.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you should partner with us! <– Click Here

First Fruits – Giving To Urban Reach

As stated on the Giving To Charity page under The Challenge menu page of this blog, 20% of the profits earned on each business venture will be donated to public charities of my choice.

My 2nd venture is well under way, my 3rd venture has just begun, and I’ve donated:

$93 (ninety-three dollars) to the The Urban Reach for community outreach & transformation in New Orleans, LA.

Urban Reach is a powerful ministry focused on reaching the inner city of New Orleans with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, through Jesus Christ. Staff & Volunteers, led by Pastor Corey Hicks, work to speak life to the poverty stricken families of the Crescent City through concerts, community food drives & outreach events, high school ‘Real Talk’ sessions, & other engaging activities.

Click To Visit Their Website & Learn More!

Day 120 – Untold Trade Secrets With Elliot Potter & Val Smyth

For BUSINESS VENTURE #3, I was thinking it’d be great if Val Smyth & Mentors In Motion was still around. Then, literally the next day I received an email from an old Internet marketing acquaintance informing me that Val was back with something even better than Mentors In Motion. So, I had to see what Untold Trade Secrets was all about.

By November, I had made enough money with BUSINESS VENTURE #2 selling the One Dollar One Year Challenge Exclusive Signature Series T-shirts & Ad Packages that I could easily invest $299 in the new Untold Trade Secrets Training Modules & Business Opportunity. So, without any hesitation, I went ahead and invested.

I say I invested rather than spent the $299, because with Untold Trade Secrets, I knew I’d earn my money back many times over.

Why did I invest $299 into UTS? Watch the videos below, and you’ll see why!

I used some basic computer skills to custom design these cool looking Untold Trade Secrets business cards, which I had printed & shipped at a DISCOUNT. And, soon after I began distributing my PREMIUM BUSINESS CARDS, my phone began ringing.

As you can see above, I made it really simple for people to STEP 1 – Find out about Untold Trade Secrets from Val Smyth, and STEP 2 – Contact me to subscribe. All that anybody would need to get involved would be a phone, and the money to subscribe.

How much easier can it get!?!?

That’s why I tell people Untold Trade Secrets is the easiest way that I know to earn $245+ per sale quickly. It’s easy to subscribe, easy to market, easy to profit, & easy to earn both active & passive income.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Got Questions? Call Me Today! 1-646-504-6877
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